How Much to Spend on Your Work Wardrobe?

How Much to Spend on Your Work Wardrobe?

Ever wonder how much you should spend on work clothes?  According to three different articles, cited below, on average you should budget anywhere between 5-10% of your take home pay for your professional look!  Doesn’t seem like a lot and one should consider this as a reflection on how you present at work and the first impression on both co-workers and potential clients.  If you don’t think it matters…show up in sweats and a t-shirt and see who takes you seriously.  I’ll wait!


I hear a lot of excuses. I work from home and only have to look presentable from the waist up why should I even buy anything! Trust me I get it. The work environment for a lot of us has changed but I must remind you of the fact that at some point you will have to interact with people in public professionally so “luck favors the prepared.”  It can also be a factor in your selection process on what to buy. For example, invest more in Tops and sportscoats because they are in view in that video conference window. You should also consider wardrobe options that work double-duty meaning they stand up to work and play!


I’ll go into some more detail here since I have your attention.  I analyzed my current wardrobe after I left the military and realized that it no longer served me. My lifestyle had changed and my needs for clothing items with it.  I had professional clothing items like wool suits and dress shirts for interviews but what was missing were elevated casual elements that work with my new lifestyle. I am a designer so I had to take into consideration that I could meet potential clients anytime day or night so my clothing had to communicate that I am fashionable, relatable, and my new favorite…..EFFORTLESS! I wanted to look put together with minimal effort. So I set out to find a collection that does just that. My goal was to meet the “Superman Drill” standard and be dressed in under 3 minutes. To be honest I couldn’t really find what I was looking for so I decided to create it. So check out the Donny White Designs Made to Measure 2024 Lookbook at!



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