How to Build a Business Casual Work Wardrobe

How to Build a Business Casual Work Wardrobe

How to Build a Business Casual Work Wardrobe



Business Casual have as many definitions as the dictionary. Do some investigative research and look for cues from supervisors, other employees, and reference any written dress codes for your place of work. This step will save you valuable time and money.


Start minimalist and see if you have the basics covered for a capsule wardrobe if not fill in the gaps. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of mix and match classics that create several looks with just a few items. Here’s your checklist


  • 3 SUITS (Women: Jacket, Skirt, Pant) (Men: Jacket, Pant) these serve as the foundation invest in these pieces and understand that they will be used for years to come. Stick to neutral basic colors: Khaki, Navy Blue, Medium Gray, and Black


  • 3 BUTTON UP SHIRTS Stick to Neutral basic colors: White, Black, Pink, and Light Blue


  • 4 POLO SHIRTS These can either be basic or used as an opportunity to show some personality. Understand that a polo is more elevated than a t-shirt.


  • 4 DRESSES (Women: knit fabric would be most appropriate here and since you stuck with neutral basics for suiting this is a great opportunity to use prints or solids if you prefer


  • OUTERWEAR Find something of utility for the climate and environment where you will be working. Again, stick to neutral basics like Khaki, Navy Blue, Medium Gray, and Black. The key is to select things that are timeless like a trench coat or a raincoat.


Take inventory of your closet fill any gaps you may have and you’ll be on your way to building your essential business casual work wardrobe. These tips will help you get dressed faster, avoid decision fatigue, and always look put together!

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